Balvitsch v. Dakota Burger N Fries Corp.

Balvitsch and Weisgram sued Tollefson for breach of contract, conversion, unjust enrichment, and other claims. Balvitsch and Weisgram moved to hold Tollefson in contempt, alleging Tollefson failed to obey a February 8, 2013 court order that instructed Tollefson not to make any further attacks on the parties and other non-party individuals during the course of the litigation. Balvitsch and Weisgram alleged the court ordered Tollefson at the scheduling conference to stop all attacks against a non-party individual and to stick to the facts of the case during the litigation. They alleged Tollefson ignored the court's order by threatening to launch websites defaming Weisgram and the non-party individual. The trial court entered an order to show cause noting the time and place for the contempt hearing and ordered that Tollefson appear and show why he should not have been held in contempt. The hearing took place, and the court found Tollefson in contempt and ordered sanctions. Tollefson appealed that order and sanction, arguing he did not receive proper notice of the hearing. Upon review, the Supreme Court reversed, concluding Tollefson did not have adequate notice of the contempt proceeding. View "Balvitsch v. Dakota Burger N Fries Corp." on Justia Law